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50T-15 is a kind of economical and translucent material which has excellent scratch resistance property.
关键特性Key characteristic
1.表面哑,手感细腻柔软Dumb surface, exquisite and soft touch.
2.粘接强度非常高,可粘接材质:PP,PE.  Very high bonding strength,adhesive materials:PP and PE.
3.成型快、不粘模具Rapid molding and non-stick mold.
4.表面耐刮擦,不易起毛屑Scratch resistance on the surface,not easy to fluff.

产品应用                                     饭盒盖包胶Rubber coating of lunch-box cover
Main application                       玩具产品Toy products
加工方法Processing method     注塑成型Injection molding
环保认证                                     FDA ROHS   REACH    EN71-3  PAHS  ASTM-F963  Phthalate
Environmental certification
颜色Color:                                   半透明 Translucent           
气味Smell  :                                 少许树脂味A little resin smell
外型Appearance:                        圆球形小颗粒Cylindrical particle,about 3mm×1.5mm
储藏期Storage period:                常温下通风干燥,24个月Ventilated dry at normal temperature,about 24 months
包装方式Packaging method:      25公斤/袋 25kg/bag
物理性能Physical properties 
比重Specific gravity                      0.92±0.02g/cm3
硬度Hardness                               47±5shoreA
拉伸强度Tensile strength             >3Mpa
断裂延伸Elongation at break      <650%
撕裂强度Tearing strength            >14Kn/m
熔融指数Melt index                      >3g/10min
注意事项Matters need attention:
清洗料管 Purge compound:                 
需使用PP或 PE清洗干净机台螺杆,且把机台射嘴彻底清除干净.
Please make sure you that you have cleaned the machine screw with PP or PE, and put the machine nozzle thoroughly clean.
请选择以PE或EVA为基材之色母,切勿使用以PVC为基材者。另外加工时请采用较高的螺杆转速和较高的背压,才能让着色剂达到较好的分散效果Please select color master batch on PE or EVA material with the exception of PVC.Higher screw speed and backpressure are needed for better colorant dispersion.




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